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My first blog entry

February 7, 2012

I’m really excited about this blog I have now. I have my own private place to store my thoughts, my inner demons, my angers and frustrations with the world and my good times.

I’m currently reading a great book by Robert Green called “The 50th Law” and it’s mostly about living without fear. This is my new goal in life – to be 100% myself all the time without fear of judgement or non-acceptance. I want to stay a constant observer of life and learn as much as I can from everyone I meet. I’ve always wanted to be powerful. Who doesn’t though right? Not powerful like to be a dictator or slay my enemies, though I would love the opportunity. I’m talking about being and having a powerful mind. One you cannot penetrate or defeat. One that is filled with knowledge and fascinates others. I want to write the next great American play and be someone who is respected and held in high regard in the field of education. I want to continue to inspire my students to be what I could never be at their age. But most of all I just want my wife and daughter to have the best husband and father they can have. I want to be that for both of them. They deserve it. If I can accomplish all those things before I die then I’ll say goodbye with a smile on my face. No regrets. So I’ve got some work to do. Goodnight February 6, 2012.


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