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Best Songs of the year 2013

November 27, 2013

25. The Field Cupid’s Head
One of the most hypnotic, electronic grooves of the year. It’s hard to ignore. The song doesn’t build or let up. You might argue the song becomes repetitive a few minutes in but Cupid’s Head catches you in subtle ways. If you don’t let it play out, well, you miss out.

24. The Weeknd The Town
Much like Ben Affleck’s movie by the same name, it is a surprise hit you never saw coming. “You did many things that I liked” as the opening line goes and this song is one of them. Killer bass line, Abel’s sweet falsetto that is so eerily familiarized with the King of Pop and the stunning pounding of the electronic piano a third of the way through. What’s not to like?

23. Nine Inch Nails All Time Low
The return of NIN was a highly anticipated one and Trent delivers plenty of industrial angst but none more so than on All Time Low. When Reznor strains those chrome plated vocal chords to howl, “everything is not okay” how could one argue. Welcome return for sure. Check out the killer remix by Todd Rundgren.

22. Major Lazer Get Free
A song I frequently revisited in 13 simply because there were no other reggae flavored pop gems out there. And as far as those go, this one is damn near perfect. Grab yourself a cocktail and get free from all your troubles.

21. Phosphorecent Song For Zula
This is one of those songs you might catch in the background of (insert major network drama here) and immediately Google to find it. I found it for you. Here it is. Chances are you caught it somewhere and it’s been driving you nuts ever since.

20. These New Puritans Fragment Two
A superb blend of piano balladry, orchestral strings, liquid brass and lazy vocals that make for a sweet audio treat for the ears. Thank goodness you have two ears to hear with because you’ll want seconds.

19. Toro Y Moi Rose Quartz
This song I can’t compare to anything we experience on earth. It’s simply a heavenly fantasy for your mind to discover when you hear it. Just listen and see where it takes you. It’s a ride worth standing in line for.

18. Woodkid Stabat Mater
Stabat Mater is the title of a thirteenth-century Latin hymn and it means “the Mother was standing.” That’s one hell of a mother. Probably the most epic song of the year.

17. Parquet Courts Stoned and Starving
Kind of a throwback to old 90’s grunge rock. You’ll have a toe tapping, head shaking good time if you get Stoned and Starving. Must keep in heavy rotation. You won’t lose your appetite for this one.

16. A$AP Rocky Fashion Killa
One of my favorite hip hop songs of the year. Swaggin’ to the max.

15. Foals Late Night
On Foals last album Antidote you could sense where these guys might be headed. They lacked a stand out track on their previous album but stepped up to the plate with Holy Fire and hit a homerun here with Late Night. You will find yourself wanting to revisit the jam session about 3:30 into the song. My it tis’ impressive lads.

14. Queens of the Stone Age If I Had a Tail
The great thing about QOTSA is they seem to be the only band on earth who knows how to truly rock. They bring it every time and here they make no exceptions. Call these queens, Kings.

13. Bastille Bad Blood
I ripped a free copy of Bastille on line because it was out earlier in the year in Europe and it took too long to be released in the States. After hearing this song I couldn’t wait. There. I admitted to breaking the law in order to get my hands, or ears, on this song!

12. CHVRCHES The Mother We Share/Tether
I couldn’t pick one over the other. The electro pop delivered by CHVRCHES is undeniably good. Tether holds our hand and walks us into a damaged relationship only to show us the joy and freedom of letting it go. The Mother We Share has the best chorus of the year. “When it all fucks up you put your head in my hands it’s a souvenir for when you go-o-o-o..”

11. The Civil Wars The One That Got Away
The most depressing song of the year, not just lyrically but literally. It may be the last time we get to hear John Paul and Joy Williams bounce their achingly beautiful voices off one another. It’s a match made in heaven or hell as it would seem but it makes for great musical theater. Let the Civil War continue please.

10. Daft Punk Within
Most people may look at my choice from one of the year’s greatest albums and scratch their heads. Why on a dance filled album did I choose a smoothed out ballad sung entirely with a vocoder? Because it’s the last thing you would expect Daft Punk to do! And it’s so darn infectious. It moves more than just my feet.

9. Drake Hold On We’re Going Home
Dude, slickest fuckin’ R&B song I’ve heard in a loooooooong time. Maybe Drake should let the rapping go. When he sings he flat out kills it, like one of my other favorite Drake gems, Find Your Love. This guy started from the bottom, well probably not, but who cares….he’s here.

8. Justin Timberlake Pusher Love Girl
JT is a hit machine as this opening track will attest on his Part 1 of the 20/20 Experience. It’s 8 minutes of pop perfection and when Timbaland and JT blend their talents it’s clear this is a perfect marriage.

7. Run The Jewels 36″ Chain
Run The Jewels is the duo of El -P and Killer Mike, rappers from NY and ATL respectively. These guys know how to bring it and bring it hard. El-P is his usual genius self laying down the tightest beats he’s ever created. Killer Mike lays it down over El’s production and holds his own but when El-P unleashes the mic it catapults the album into the stratosphere. The guy is on fire.Hip hop album of the year and it’s not even close.

6. The National Heavenfaced
“If you lose me I’m gonna die”. That’s how I would feel too if we lost The National. Heavenfaced is one of the best songs The National have ever made and that is saying a lot. They just don’t know how to suck. Ever.

5. Majical Cloudz This is Magic
“I feel like a kid. I see some monsters standing over my crib and they fall in”. Some of the year’s most memorable lyrics in my opinion. The song is brooding and dark but simply divine. Proof that you don’t have to have a big budget to make one of the best songs of the year. Sometimes less is more.

4. Vampire Weekend Worship You
I love songs that have a climactic finish. Songs that raise the spirits and ignite the endorphins. Songs that vary the instrumentation and lyrics that require some thought and analysis. This song does it all. I have difficulty singing along because of the complex delivery of the lyrics, except for the charming chorus. But I love a challenge. This is one of many great songs on Modern Vampires…

3. Kanye West Blood on the Leaves
This song leaves more than blood on leaves it paves a path of carnage to wipe up in its wake. It’s bold, melodramatic, a full on assault to the eardrums. It’s a song about divorce and betrayal so it has a gritty emotional spite to it. Vintage angry Kanye.

2. Disclosure Help Me Lose My Mind
This song features another guest artist who made a big impact on my iPod this year, London Grammar. The album itself is a classic and this song certainly was a huge contributor to its success. When the right electronic artist hooks up with the right vocalist to glide through a righteous house beat, it’s all right and no wrong.

1. Twenty One Pilots Car Radio
I know for a fact I will be the only one who chooses this song for best of the year. There is no other reason than the song simply struck a chord with me on a personal level. Twenty One Pilots sing about the every day struggles of the human race. This song experienced live is a reminder that we are all in this together so hands in the air, dance, jump, scream, let it all out. Then hit replay and listen to Car Radio all over again because the struggle is real and it’s time to break free from them. A song I simply have to thank, so…..thank you.


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